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Metal Distribution in Aurora

Besides providing metal in various shapes and sizes, Mega Steel Inc. has a wide array of metals that will lend themselves to your projects in Aurora. Our goal is to deliver quality fabrication services and metal repair for your residential, industrial and commercial projects.

Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel

Hot rolling steel involves the production of sheet metal from billets that passes the steel through rollers while it’s still hot. Whether for commercial or industrial projects, you can get the proper physical dimensions for all your needs.


Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel

Increasing its strength and hardness and decreases its ductility, cold rolled steel is typically rolled at room temperature, below its recrystallization temperature. It also results in more control over the shape and dimensions of the finished product.




Aluminum is a silver-colored, low density metal that finds use in a huge variety of commercial applications. Whether it’s commercial process for industries such as aerospace or transportation, aluminum has a number of uses for residential and industrial applications as well.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is typically used for food handling/processing appliances as well as medical instruments, hardware, appliances, and structural/architectural uses. It is available in a wide variety of shapes such as bar stock, tube, pipe, expanded metal, woven mesh, checker plate, angle and more.


Alloy Steel

Alloy steel

Alloy steel has small amounts of one or more alloying elements such as copper, chromium and aluminum – to name a few. Alloy steels are preferred for commercial and industrial projects because of their economical cost, wide availability, ease of processing, and good mechanical properties. Musical instruments, locks, fasteners, hinges, ammunition components, and electrical connectors – they are just a few items in which alloy steel is used.




Brass is an alloy of both copper and zinc. It is commonly used as a decorative metal because of its resemblance to gold. Other applications include: architectural uses, condenser/heat exchangers, plumbing products and radiator cores.




Bronze is an alloy that consists primarily of copper along with other metals. It is used in the construction of sculptures, musical instruments and medals as well as industrial applications such as bushings and bearings.



Copper alloy

Copper alloys have good-to-excellent corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity. You can use it for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel

Hot-dip galvanizing is the process of coating iron or steel with a thin zinc layer, by passing the steel through a molten bath of zinc at a temperature of around 860°F (460°C).


Tool Steel

Tool steel

Tool steel is a term used for a variety of high-hardness, abrasion resistant steels. Whether it’s for stamping, cutting, moldmaking, or knives, Mega Steel Inc. can design a number of tools for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.


A Variety of Different Sizes and Shapes for Metal in Aurora

At Mega Steel Inc., we work with various metals in all shapes and sizes, allowing us to effectively complete a wide range of different projects. 

Round Bar

Round bar

Round Bar is a long, cylindrical metal bar stock that has many industrial and commercial applications.

Flat/Rectangular Bar

Rectangular bar

Flat bar is available in aluminum, stainless steel, hot rolled and more.

Square Bar

Square bar

Square Bar metals are widely used in many industries for general assembly or manufacturing. They are also used for repairing plant equipment and railings.


Hexagonal Bar

Hexagonal bar

Hexagonal bars are precisely shaped for items or machines that require accurate pieces.


Channel bar

Channels are also widely used for repairs of machinery, buildings and heavy vehicles.



They are generally used in construction, civil engineering, heavy machinery, truck construction and other heavy duty tasks.



Angle bar

It is one of the most commonly used shapes, and an aluminum architectural angle is often used for interior design purposes.


Sheet metals

Sheets are considered flat rolled product and come from coils. They can be used for car and appliance manufacturing.


Metal plate

Due to its thickness, plate is often used for structural applications such as heavy equipment manufacturing, bridge and building erection.


Tread Plate

Tread plate

Tread plates are often used for structures like stairs, ramps, walkways and the interior of vehicles.

Expanded Metal

Expanded metal sheet

Expanded metal sheets come in two common types - raised and flattened. Raised sheets have wavy ridges throughout, whereas flattened sheet are truly flat.

Perforated Sheet

Mesh sheet

Perforated Sheets are often used in applications where the passing of water or air is crucial, like ventilation or filtering. Due to the punched pattern, these sheets are usually very light and thin.


Wire Mesh Sheet

Mesh sheet

It is also commonly used in concrete work.



Pipes are round, cylindrical shapes that are hollow. They are used primarily for the transference of either fluids or gas.

Round Tube

Round tube

Unlike pipes, tubes are measured by their outside diameter and their wall thickness. They can be used for automotive parts, railings and patio furniture.


Square Tube

Square tube

Some examples of applications would be building construction, railings, and sign posts. They are measured by their outside dimensions and their wall thickness.

Rectangular Tube

Rectangular tube

Rectangular tubes are generally used for maintenance and structural purposes. Some examples of applications would be building construction, railings, and truck frames.

Hollow Bar

Hollow bars

It is also used as hydraulic valve parts, pump rods, slides and more.




These shafts are polished to guarantee perfect surfaces, straightness and tolerances. Shafting is commonly used for bearings, pistons, and in hydraulic cylinders.

Drill Rod

Drill Rod

Drill rod is a cylindrical, round bar that comes in 36″ lengths. It is most commonly made from a variety of different grades of tool steel.

Precision Ground Stock

Precision Ground Stock

Precision ground stock is a precision ground flat bar that comes in 36″ lengths. It is most commonly made from tool steel and used where accuracy and tight tolerances are a must.


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