Newmarket Custom Fabrication Services

Besides providing metal in various shapes and sizes, Mega Steel has several top-of-the-line pieces of machinery that allows us to provide our clients in Newmarket with quality fabrication services and metal repair.



Our team welds MIG, TIG, Stick welding of carbon, stainless steel and aluminum. Our welders can use your design for assembling and prototyping. Smaller quantity production runs are always welcome.

Custom Fabrication

At Mega Steel, we’re proud to offer custom fabricating options to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Curious about how our custom fabrication can work for your next project? Call us to learn more.

CNC Shear

CNC Shear

Barcorp Preci-cut swing beam, Hydraulic Guillotine Shear Model #3750 x 13 (12’ x ½” capabilities). Standard Programmable NC front operated power back gauge control. Automatic positioning of the gauge bar to 10 different positions with 99 cuts/positions. Cycles through the program automatically. Inch/Metric display resolution to 0.001”/0.01mm.

CNC break

CNC Brake

Masteel CNC Brake 12’ x ½” x 350 ton Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake. CNC in-bed crowning, 8 axis, Kvara KV2004 graphic press brake controller, Ram position control: repeatability at ±0.001"; Accuracy at ±0.001"; Back gauge position control: repeatability at ±0.003"; Accuracy at ±0.002", production tooling comprising Euro style gooseneck punch and 4-way 8 opening die, and quick clamp punch tool holders.

CNC bandsaw

CNC Bandsaw

Bomar Transverse Bandsaw 510.330GA fully automatic double column bandsaw with a large cutting capacity, simple handling and excellent cutting performance. The saw head moves on linear guide bearings and the infeed system is driven by means of a ball screw spindle for highest accuracy. In the semi-automatic mode the machine allows 60 degree mitre cuts.

GEKA hydracrop ironworker

GEKA Hydracrop Ironworker

GEKA Hydracrop 55A Ironworker The GEKA HYDRACROP 55A machine is a two cylinder Ironworker with 5 workstations; punching, shearing of flats, round/square bar cutting, angle cutting and a notching station. The machine capacities are as follows: 60 metric tons with angle cutting capacities of 4" x 4" x 1/2", a shearing capacity for flats of 12” x 5/8” and 8” x ¾”, a notching capacity of 3/8” and punching capacity of 1 ½” in 3/8”.

Structural Steel:-Hot Rolled Angle Inventory

The following sizes are available in hot-rolled angle structural steel:

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